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Garnier Face Scrub

Rs. 1,590.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 530.00
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Gatsby Face Wash

Rs. 1,550.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 516.67
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Jovees Face Wash

Rs. 2,950.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 983.33
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Loreal Face Wash

Rs. 1,390.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 463.33
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Vaseline Face Scrub Anti Dullness 100g

Rs. 1,920.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 640.00
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Recipe for pigmentation problems It is rich in vitamin B3 and vitamin E to the skin immediately after use . - Recipe Fresh Water whitening . Anti Sport (White ) - Healthy skin care formula . To help deal with problems and treatments. Developed especially for men , "see the results immediately . A healthy skin in two weeks. Directions for use 1. Wet your facial skin with water. 2. Lather up the face wash and gently it massage it on your wet face. 3. Use water to rinse off the lather. 4. For best results, use the face wash daily.