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Disaar Facial Serum Vitamin C 30ml

Rs. 950.00
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Product details of Disaar Vitamin C Serum Whitening And Moisturising Face Serum- 30ml. Vitamin C facial care with high concentration of hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C. Whitening and moisturizing, repairs damaged skin and restores. Enhances cuticles, repairs damaged skin and restores it's hydration and brightness.

Dove Beauty Cream 75ml

Rs. 920.00
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A luxurious moisturising body cream with a lightweight, nourishing formula to help leave you with soft, smooth skin

Johnsons Baby Cream 100g

Rs. 2,100.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 700.00
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  • mprove your skin appearance by solving your skin problems by controlling skin allergies with advanced
  • Superior sun protection, with UVA and UVB bllockers
  • Most advanced formula available
  • Gel cream will be easily absorbed by the skin. Not oily or sticky, great for all skin types.
  • Premium Cream is a high-end facial pampering
  • It will impart a youthful glow. It's new & advanced formula is proven to make you feel and experience timeless beauty.
  • Moisture Baby Cream 100g

Johnsons Soft Cream Jar 200ml

Rs. 1,500.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 500.00
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Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft PH5.5 200ml

Rs. 4,200.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 1,400.00
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"Healthy skin has a biological slightly acidicsurface called the acid-mantle. The delicate skin of a newborn is lacking this protective acid-mantle, which is established during the first few months of life. Product features: Prevents dryness and protects the skin with 42% lipi