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Arone Vitamin E Cream with Sun Flower Oil 200ml

Rs. 1,200.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 400.00
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The cream is delicate, airy, not greasy, not sticky, easily absorbed into the skin. Best for: Melasma, Cellulite, Scars, Freckles, Pimple

Bio Glow Moisturising Cream

Rs. 1,500.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 500.00
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Disaar Soothing & Moisturizing Gel Aloe Vera 99% 260ml

Rs. 1,120.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 373.33
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Refreshing and moisturizing. Enriches with nourishing moisture. Gentle care. Delicate moisturizing. Refreshing and moisturizing. Tender and silky skin. Nourishing moisture. Gives skin a natural gentle care! Contains natural Aloe Vera extract. Natural ingredients, fresh and not greasy texture. Refreshing and moisturizing, controls water-oil balance. Nourishes skin and makes it soft. Makes skin smooth, moisturized and luminous.

Garnier Body Lotion Sakura 400ml

Rs. 3,300.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 1,100.00
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Hydrates skin and provides sun protection in just one simple step. Combined with UVA/UVA filters known to protect skin from

Garnier Body Lotion Vitamin C 400ml

Rs. 3,950.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 1,316.67
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Nourishing lotion for naturally bright skin. Helps reduce dark spots and eliminate dark circles on the skin with pure extracts

Nivea Body Lotion Radiant & Smooth UV 380ml

Rs. 3,400.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 1,133.33
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Nivea Extra Bright Radiant & Smooth 8 Super Food 40X Vitamin C Body Lotion UV Filter, Size 380 ml

RDL Body Lotion Papaya 600ml

Rs. 1,990.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 663.33
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rdl papaya whitening hand and body lotion with vitamin e moisturizes and softens the skin and doesn’t feels sticky in your

St Ives Body Lotion – 621ml

Rs. 2,790.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 930.00
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Vaseline Body Lotion 400ml

Rs. 1,900.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 633.33
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Vaseline® Even Tone Body Lotion provides intensive repair of skin.   Product Details •Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Even Tone Body Lotion leaves skin feeling and looking moisturized •Relieves dry skin and protects against sun damage •Light, fast absorbing moisturizing lotion with a non-greasy feel •Vaseline®'s hydrating body lotion calms and soothes dry skin leaving your skin feeling moisturized

Velvet Face and Body Lotion

Rs. 1,650.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 550.00
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White Spa Swiss Gold Lotion 200ml

Rs. 1,200.00
or 3 installments of Rs. 400.00
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Made of 99.99% pure gold Swiss caviar and Gigawhite plant extract, it delivers an intense skin glow like gold and